Lisa is the best!

Rolfing is Pleasant

September 21, 2014

June 24, 2015

"I am having Rolfing sessions to help structurally realign a bone fracture that was having difficulty in healing properly. The sessions are correcting the problem so that surgery or an expensive custom fitted leg brace is NOT necessary. I am walking with only minimal use of a cane and expect that future sessions will make that unnecessary as well. Thank you Lisa. " ~Francine B.
"Having heard for years that rolfing was painful, I was pleasantly surprised during my first rolfing session to find that it was never more than mildly uncomfortable and mostly a pleasant, interesting feeling. I look forward to more sessions. Lisa is such a warm, gentle, cheerful person that just being with her will make you feel better. " ~Joyce G.

Rofling with Lisa Barr

Rolfing Structural Intergration

February 25, 2015

August 18, 2014

"Lisa worked with me to help me understand every step and every point she worked. Starting taekwondo at the ripe old age that I did, I quickly aggravated some old posture/balance issues. After one session, I quickly understood how good my back _could_ feel if I keep up the work and put my life in Lisa's capable hands. I'm looking forward to a long and balanced life with Lisa and rolfing!" ~Katie E.
"Lisa has an unbelievable amount of knowledge regarding the bone, muscle, and fascia system in our body. She always figures out the cause of a problem, fixes the problem. and provides exercises we can do at home to prevent reoccurences. I receommend Lisa to anyone and everyone!
~Paul Harris